Why we do what we do? (BH:D315)

June 16, 2012

A short two column inside page news couple of days ago caught my attention. It is about a bizarre accident in central Kerala. A 74 year old couple were trapped in the bathroom. 74 is not their combined age. Each of them was 74.

The husband was suffering from some kind of stomach issue. He was retching the harm away to glory in the bathroom when his old wife went in to help him. She slipped, fell and in doing so inadvertently closed the door.

The previously weakened door knob came undone when they attempted to open. It must have been a fairly significant investment in the house if it had thick teak wood door with automatic locks even for the bathroom. Speculation of foreign-resident well-off kids is natural. 

The old couple survived three days inside on tap water. It speaks volumes of the neighborhood that nobody came around the house wondering where the couple had abruptly disappeared for three days. Finally, in a glorious act of strong marital strength, the couple themselves managed to get the door opened and lived to tell the tale.

I am aware of several old parents who have been housed in state-of-the-art, spectacular abodes here by their successful children making a handsome living abroad. Humble suggestion to leave the bathroom doors flimsy enough, bathroom floors rough and relationship with the neighbors smooth. Otherwise, there might be events that raise the unsettling question: Why we do what we do? And none of us want that addressed!

With the political impasse about garbage clearance in the city entering 8th month, fevers of all kinds are spreading. Mosquitoes, unlike the Thiruvananthapuram corporation officials, have no qualms about working overtime. In this dismal scenario comes a grand statement from none other than Kerala's Health Minister.

Minister V.S. Shivakumar has declared that homeopathic preventive medicines have been found extraordinarily effect against all kinds of epidemic fevers whose fear has gripped the city.

How Wonderful! Of course, he makes no mention of how the efficacy has been "found!" If he says so, it must be so, after all he is the man in charge of  the state's health. I guess I will simply add the amount of sugar in my tea and coffee. Should be 'homeopathically' remedial enough!

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