I love you, little man! (BH:D 301)

June 1, 2012

When I saw him this morning, he was asleep. A grand, serene silence within his delicate, fresh self. With a tiny thoughtful left thumb on his chin, he was passed around from aunty to grandmom to grandmom. Occasionally he would twitch a little if the white towel blanket slipped off his toes. I had felt those twitches in the past few weeks while talking to him when he had still been in his mom!

Much earlier in the day Achan's voice had woken me up. 2:35 am. I had slept for three hours. "Hospitalil ponam" (Need to go to the hospital) he said.

For the last couple of days, the home had been gearing up for the impending birth. Bags for the hospital had been packed.

2:45am. The father-to-be was ready with the car. My sister, ever so brave, stood with a grim expression. I stroked her forehead. She tried to smile. Since childhood I have been familiar with her incredible ability to bear pain. I knew this was totally different. Yet, she held on strong. 

A car full of folks left for the hospital. Me left manning the house. I tried to sleep next to the phone. Sleep had left in the car too. Flipped through song sequences on the channels. 

4:30. Ring. "He is here" Proud and ecstatic daddy's voice.

4:45. Amma called with details. "Normal delivery. Saw the baby. Looks like his dad. 4:19 birth time. June 1st baby." Ah! nephew birth begins the month and uncle birthday ends it. The little dude just missing the 4:20 birth time. I will regularly bring it up for the rest of our friendship!

For all the scary stories we had heard about hours and all day long births, this was pretty quick. As Suresh Gopi irritatingly repeats before the commercial breaks in the local version of 'Who wants to be a millionaire?': 'deey poyi, daa vannu' ! (went fast, came soon).

I was told that my sister screamed once in the car and then a few times during the final minutes. The timeless shrieks of the mother nature as a new consciousness tunnels through!

Everyone I shared the news with invariably asked about the Malayalam birth star. As soon as they hear it, they try to remember some saying about how men born under the star become great. They try. They fail. I helpfully point out that the stellar-named "Sri Chithira Thirunaal" was the last king of Travancore.

Since I wished to see him awake, I was back at the hospital by 6pm. The mom and baby are in the same room 207 at Lords Hospital where I had spent a few days in November! The step up to the attached bathroom of the room appeared rather short today. It had been a challenge when I had to negotiate it post surgery.

Sure enough the little man was taking in the world fixing his sight carefully. I was graced as well. Then off he went into a rock star mode. Total lip syncing and fist pumping! My nephew!

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  1. Hey!!congratulations!!!!and belated birthday greetings too!!!