Odd Size (BH:D 298)

May 29, 2012

I don't know if it happens to everybody else, but every single time that I can remember shopping for trousers/pants/jeans, I have found myself on the cusp in the trial room. My waist will precisely be between the two available sizes. It is an observation in front of the trial room mirror that invariably triggers unachievable resolutions of dieting and unattainable standards of physical fitness.

Despite having a horrendous experience months ago, I ventured to the the nearby Megamart simply because it is the closest textile showroom. The lethargic sales team has disappeared. Judging from the speed with which they were assisting customers and billing all those months ago, it must have taken them quite a while to make the unceremonial exit from the business. 

The new bunch is reasonably aggressive. "Buy two, get two free, Saare" one of the pointed to the little signage propped up on the shelf with stacks of folded pants. "But it is better to go for the buy three, get one free option. Or you can do both and get seven total." I was in no mood to dive into the depths of that mathematical and logical conundrum. I rushed to the trial room and took off my pants; which is a tried and tested line of action when faced with conundrum. 

Waist-wise I was fine but the pants flowed over my feet to the floor for a few more inches. I could pretend to be a Ming dynasty empire courtier and moved with baby feet pretending the excess length was part of the plan. But my meeting tomorrow doesn't involve time travel. I raised the length issue.

"We can alter it here, Sir," said the eager young man. But the slightly older woman at the counter rolled her eyes. Eye to eye an invisible message was passed. "But you will get it only tomorrow morning," the young man delivered the invisible message to me. I gave up and went all the way to the Levi's store at Pulimoodu.

A bit less confusing discount schemes there as well. I end up making unnecessary shirt and tshirt purchases because Daniel Kahneman is right about anchoring and framing. More temptation even after the billing. "Rs. 250 discount on any purchase over Rs. 750 that is done after 48 hours from this billing time but before June 10!"

Sam Pitroda was in the city yesterday to discuss big time, long term future plans. He wants Thiruvananthapuram to have a "Knowledge City" in collaboration with MIT and Harvard. 300 acres for land will be acquired for the project. I wonder what discount schemes and offers work in the real estate business! And if large scale land grabbers find themselves stuck in odd sizes.

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