Fishy Headache (BH: D295)

May 26, 2012

Incredible details of the recent software engineer suicide in Bangalore are surfacing. The 25 year old from Kerala was contact by a lady about a loan. She then assumed the false identity of "Jennifer" who works in IBM. Chats, emails and phone calls soon left the realm of loans far behind. 

He wished to see her. She sent him the photograph of her good looking friend. She created a false facebook profile with the same photo. He wanted to meet her. He wanted to marry her. She invented a story about her family forcing her to marry a "David in London." 

He was heart broken. He wound up his feet with duct tape sitting in the back seat of his car, swallowed an overdose of sleeping pills, stuffed a cloth in his mouth, covered his head with a plastic bag suffocating to death. The first phone call was in January. The suicide in May.

The incident points to so many things that are wrong with the society. This is not an isolated incident. Numerous along the same lines but of varying degrees of severity happen daily. It is a gruesome mix of wealth, loneliness, delusion, greed, inferiority, superficiality and technology. 

Driving through PTP Nagar in the city this morning, totally stunned by a drop dead gorgeous police woman on the road side. As if to seal the "drop dead" status, she had a holster which I am not sure if police women usually have. Actually, I haven't really paid much attention to details of female cops for my own sake in India. The attitude here is much different from Texas where a lady officer once was only too happy to let me gauge the weight of her belt.
I say once but my mathematical memory is admittedly overwhelmed by the emotional one about that story. Anyways, genuine surprise for a moment at the decent amount of make up Kerala police women have started wearing before spotting the huge camera and crew on the other side of the road and realizing that she was an actress in costume.

Heard a rather interesting story about a friend of a friend as stories tend to be in India. The man returned from work one day to find all the gold fish in his neat little aquarium dead and floating. His little kid was only too happy to own up to the crime. It wasn't a crime in his boy book. 
The budding doctor was only trying to help. He said the fish spoke to him!
They came near the glass walls and repeatedly told him, "I have a headache!" 

Rest us humans who don't have the ability to understand 'fish speak' tend to think that the fish are simply swallowing by moving their mouth. Apparently it is a constant migraine complaint....you know like the ones that inflict the bedroom with unequally enthusiastic partners. So the little boy helped the fish out.
He gave them Crocin tablets to relieve their pain! Of course, he knew they couldn't swallow the big pills. So he powdered a few of them and sprinkled into the water. Humane!

Back to back trips to native village coming up in the next two days. My young cousin bro is getting married. I've fabulous unmarried older cousin role to play. Looking forward to the several entertaining rounds of "life" advice from concerned relatives. Fun!

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